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What is online travel?

Online travel is a service that allows you to enjoy the feeling of traveling while watching the video of the other party while using a video phone service such as ZOOM on your smartphone or computer while you are at home.

Even if you are traveling online, you can enjoy various places such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, popular tourist attractions in Japan and overseas, recommended tourist spots that appear in the popularity ranking, places where you can experience nature and scenic spots nearby. ..

Domestic travel destinations include hot spring towns such as Enoshima, Lake Kawaguchi, Arashiyama, Asakusa, Kusatsu, Arima, Gero, and Yufuin. Destinations for overseas travel include South Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Maldives, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, the United States, Australia, etc. in countries, and Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Guam, Saipan, Machu Picchu, etc. in cities. On the island, you can visit Oahu, Bali, Hawaii, Cebu and more online.

Vehicle-enjoying tours include online bus tours, bullet trains, planes, trains, ropeways, ferries, and Hato Bus.
In addition, you can enjoy virtual travel in any travel scene such as family trips, hot spring trips, day trips, graduation trips, children's trips, solo trips, girls' trips, overseas business trips, etc.
In actual travel, it tends to be biased toward GW (Golden Week), New Year holidays, summer vacation, spring vacation, etc., but when traveling online, you do not have to worry about the time. You can travel whenever you like, such as on weekends when you think of it, or on weekday nights after work. Also, on a real trip, you need to prepare what you need and bring heavy belongings such as a suitcase, but with virtual travel, you don't have to.

Besides online travel, there are many other ways to say things like online tourism, virtual trips, virtual experiences, virtual reality, etc., but the content is almost the same.

What WaTrip wants to achieve

Due to the influence of Corona, it is no longer possible to travel abroad or domestically, so various travel agencies offer online travel services.

Travel agencies include HIS Travel Revolution, JTB, veltra online academy, Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd., MAPPLE Activity Online, Japan Travel, Club Tourism, Myu, and transportation companies JAL, ANA, Kotobus. Other services such as Kidzania, Travel Agency, and Airbee's online experience offer virtual tour services.

However, although you can find the site of a major travel agency by searching, there are cases where it is difficult to understand because there are mixed real travel tours. Also, it's hard to find local travel agencies and guides, online tours of museums and aquariums, and online events planned to get to know the area. On the contrary, from the side of planning the event, there is no place to announce it, and many people are having trouble attracting customers.

So, wouldn't it be convenient if there was a service that could search and compare only online trips? I thought, and made WaTrip. If you compare it to a travel site, it is a service like Rakuten, Jalan, Yukoyuko Net, and Travelco.

WaTrip offers a variety of remote trips, including free, inexpensive tours, cheap and cheap plans.
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