Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of site is WaTrip? What can i do?

A. WaTrip allows you to search for tours across "online travel sites".

A world where travelers can enjoy traveling more easily. We will continue to operate with the aim of providing new jobs to developing countries.

Q. Is it free to use?

A. You can use it for free.

WaTrip is free to use.

We do not post information on "online travel sites" that are suspected of being fraudulent. Please use the linked site with confidence.

Q. Which site does the information correspond to?

A. Currently, we support "online travel" on the following 6 sites. (As of January 2021)

  • Rokotabi
  • Veltra
  • CompathyGo
  • Travel At Home
  • Airbnb

Q. (Company) I want you to post our online travel site as well.

A. Please contact us from the posting request form.

About acquisition method and accuracy of comparison data

We comply with the following contents.

  • We strive to provide accurate data.
  • The sources of information are selected from sites that are trusted and not for fraudulent purposes.
  • The data is checked visually by the program.
  • We will try not to affect the sales and users of each site regarding the execution frequency and execution speed of the data acquisition program.