Terms of service

Torch Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), which operates WaTrip (hereinafter referred to as "this service"), has basic terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") regarding this service. , It is decided as follows.

In addition, regarding the use of this service by customers, in addition to this agreement, we also have special agreements regarding the use of each service, other subordinate agreements, guidelines, etc. of this agreement (hereinafter referred to as "special agreements, etc." It is called "Terms, etc."). The special contract, etc. shall be applied to the use of this service by the customer as part of this agreement, and if there is a difference between the special contract and this agreement, the special contract shall take precedence.

Article 1 (Privacy)

Your registration information and the information we collect about you will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy. Please refer to these terms regarding our privacy policy.

In addition, third-party sites that customers can access through this service have various rules that are independent of our company. We have no obligation or responsibility for these independent rules or activities.

Article 2 (About the purpose of use)

This service is provided only for your private and non-commercial use. Unless the Company has consented in advance, the use of this service and access to this service, whether in whole or in part, for business activities or other commercial purposes, or similar acts, for that purpose. Use as a preparatory act is strictly prohibited.

Article 3 (copyright, property right and other rights)

The copyright, trademark right and other property rights related to the information, trademarks, images, videos, advertisements, designs, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "contents, etc.") contained in this service are the Company or the author who created the contents, etc. It belongs to the copyright holder.

Unless the use or use is licensed by the Company or a third party with copyright or other property rights, or if the use or use is permitted without the permission of the right holder by law, this You may not copy, edit, modify, publish, reprint, publicly transmit, distribute, sell, provide, translate or otherwise use or use the contents of the service.

Article 4 (Change / termination of service, etc.)

The Company may change, suspend, or terminate all or part of this service (including the content of information provided in this service) without notifying the customer in advance. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you or a third party.

Article 5 (Disclaimer)

The use of this service shall be used after consenting to the following items at the customer's own discretion and responsibility.

We take great care in handling information and post it after confirming it, but we are not responsible for any of the following items under any circumstances or to any person or corporation. ..

The result or unavailability of all information provided by this service (including but not limited to online travel information such as images, fees, travel destinations, links, etc. The same shall apply hereinafter in this agreement). Loss or damage caused by (whether in whole or in part).
Loss or damage (whether in whole or in part) caused by broken links, differences in information over time, or other circumstances in the information provided by this service.
Any loss or damage (whether in whole or in part) caused by the lack of error completeness of any information contained in this service (all of which may or may not be our fault).
The information provided by this service shall not be regarded as a statement of facts or a recommendation for purchasing or applying for another company's product or service, and we do not guarantee its contents (whether express or implied). In addition, we are not responsible for any damage or disadvantage caused to you or a third party.
We undertake no obligation to store or disclose the information you obtain in connection with your use of this site, unless otherwise specified in your privacy policy.

Article 6 (links to other sites)

During this service, we may set up links to other websites and resources, and third parties may register links and trackbacks to other websites and resources. The linked websites and resources are managed independently by each operator, and we are not aware of their contents or safety, and we cannot take any responsibility.

Article 7 (Prohibited acts)

The Company has stipulated the following acts as prohibited matters, and the customer shall not do this.

(1) All or part of the information provided by this service may be copied, reproduced, duplicated, sent, transferred, distributed, distributed, resold, transmitted, made available for transmission, or modified without the prior consent of the Company. , Adaptation, translation, lending, or storage for use or use for these purposes
(2) All acts that violate this agreement or the terms of use, guidelines, etc. of each service
(3) Acts that are offensive to public order and morals
(4) Criminal acts and illegal acts
(5) Acts that give disadvantage to other customers or third parties
(6) Acts that interfere with the operation of this service
(7) Acts that damage the credibility of the Company or this service
(8) Intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, design rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights, and know-how), honor, privacy, and other rights of third parties of the Company or a third party. Or acts that infringe on interests
(9) Acts that cause inconvenience or disadvantage to other members, third parties or the Company, slander these persons, or damage their honor or credibility.
(10) Acts that impair the system infrastructure of this service by using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, or acts that interfere with the operation of this service by our company.
(11) Extorting or requesting spam mail or the act of sending an email to an unspecified member, reading it, answering a questionnaire, or forwarding the email to another member or a third party. Act
(12) Posting information that identifies an individual, regardless of whether he or she is a person or a third party
(13) Unauthorized reproduction or redistribution of e-mail from our company or the contents of this service
(14) Acts that violate the law
(15) Acts that promote the acts specified in all items
(16) Acts that the Company judges to fall under all items
(17) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

If any of the above actions is taken, the Company will suspend the use of this service for the customer and take other measures that the Company deems appropriate. We may also take such measures if the customer violates the content or purpose of this agreement, or if we determine that we have performed an inappropriate act in light of this agreement. We may take such measures at our discretion, regardless of improper conduct by the customer or any other liability of the customer. Please be aware that we will not be able to answer to you regarding the reason for taking such measures, regardless of the reason. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you due to the above measures taken by us.

Article 8 (Change of this agreement)

The contents of this agreement may be changed in whole or in part as necessary. In that case, we will not be able to contact you each time, so please be sure to refer to the latest terms of use when using. If you use this service after the change, you agree to the revised terms.

Article 9 (Governing law, jurisdiction)

This agreement shall be construed based on Japanese law. If a proceeding is required regarding this agreement, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance, depending on the amount of the proceeding.

Article 10 (About inquiries)

If you have any questions, please contact us using the inquiry form .

(Effective date)

This agreement will come into effect on December 28, 2020.